Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where I'm Writing These Days at the moment, I'm mainly writing for 3 websites:  Triond, Hub Pages and Associated Content (part of Yahoo!).  They all seem to be good for different uses - some content (the web word for "written stuff") is more appropriate to one or the other at times, although there is plenty of overlap. Since I'm trying to actually garner an income from this, I'm also attempting to maximize the different configurations of publishing on a site that only takes original stuff (Triond), a site that takes previously published stuff (Associated Content), and one that allows previously published stuff but gets in a little huff about it (Hub Pages).  Inasmuch as I can publish the same pieces on multiple sites, I can (theoretically) earn more moolah.  We'll see!

Of course, I'll only post one link of each article here on the blog.  

Ok, "talk" to you guys later!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thank You For Joining

For the longest, I've gone back to just using this blog to showcase all of my articles, stories, and other written pieces - especially since I started writing on multiple websites, this is a great way to keep all my work in one place.  I've still felt weirdly narcissistic writing actual blog posts.  But now that a few brave souls have been so kind as to join me here, I have an opportunity, or is it excuse, to blather on a bit lol.  

More later -