Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Second Paid Gig

Good morning!
I started writing for this site called "Emerging Cast" - an English/Spanish site that produces videos seeming to cater to the teen market.  They only pay $2 for each one they accept - and I already got 2 accepted!  I know it's a pittance lol, but they paid me for my writing!!!  I am so psyched.  And this is after getting paid $4 for my news/opinion piece on Yahoo!!!  The bad news is, I submitted another of these short articles to Emerging Cast last night and they rejected it!  I hadn't realized something they wanted me to fix - so that part was on me - but they also said it was "awkwardly worded" which I know is not true!  LOL!  Whatever - this is actually a good thing.  I MUST learn to take rejection if I'm going to be a writer, no?  And for me, that fear of failure that's been a huge impediment.  So although it sounds Pollyana-ish, I really do welcome the rejection (sort of, lol).  

I love this writing thing!!!!!!!

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